Sunday, October 17, 2010

a good weekend

This weekend I went home and saw my lovely and dear family, including my two outrageously cute cousins Sophie and Chloe. Seriously, kids shouldn't be allowed to be that cute! I baked three pumpkin breads...Why three you may ask. Well, in my family it is customary to eat anything I bake within about a three hour time span. So one of the breads was gone very quickly. The second we ate for breakfast Saturday and today, there were actually still some leftovers. And the third travelled the 150 miles to Austin back with me so that I can have a bit of homemade pumpkin bread. It came out pretty well considering I didn't really use a recipe. Let me say this, if you ever want cookies, cake, brownies, breads...basically anything sweet baked, ask me to do it! Not only do I love it but I have a secret talent for it. Although I suppose it's not secret anymore since I have posted it on this blog.

Tonight I am going to have an adventure. A new friend decided that I needed to see this "Austin site that is really pretty at night." That was all I was told. Should be fun!

More later...


  1. First of all, darling daughter, why didn't you tell me you were writing a blog? So glad you at least acknowledged my distaste for them in your opening entry. Well, I'm on to you, now, sista, and I'll be checking in to see how your american (university) life is going. I've already learned a lot:
    1. My daughter knows more about pot-smoking than I do.
    2. My daughter has attended more concerts in one month than her mother has in ten years.
    3. My daughter reads "Crime and Punishment" for fun.
    I love you, Ellie!

    Your Devoted Reader,

  2. Dear Elliekins,
    I miss you!!! This is a cool blog- love it! We missed you the other weekend when people were on fall break :( Sounds like you're having a great time!