Tuesday, October 12, 2010

sorry for the delay devoted readers

So three times today the topic of my blog came up. I knew that I had fallen behind on my writing, but for good reason I promise!! Friday I went to my first live concert in Austin at Emo's. It was a really intimate venue. A large part of my LLC went and we saw three bands, one of which was The Givers. Apparently they're a big deal in Austin, who knew? While they weren't my favorite bands ever, it still felt awesome to be out in the city, listening to music, and being with some really fun people.

Saturday I caught up on sleep mostly, and got pizza at Home Slice, a local favorite. If you haven't had it yet, you need it. It's quite delicious. I also watched The Life Aquatic, a Wes Anderson film that I had yet to see. Basically anything Wes Anderson does is amazing, although I think Fantastic Mr. Fox and Royal Tenanbaums are still my favorites. Here's a picture of my new favorite pizzeria.


Sunday, ACL. Austin City Limits. If that still doesn't ring a bell think huge park with six or seven stages with various bands performing simultaneously for three straight days. Also, think great food. Overpriced and bad for you, but very good. Oh and don't forget the massive amounts of pot that will be smoked. Not by me personally but of pretty much everyone else around me. Oh and while walking to the festival, don't be surprised to see multiple venders selling "pieces." Someone told me about all the "pieces" that were being sold and being the naive college freshman girl that I am, I had no idea what they were talking about. For those other naive persons who may or may not be reading, a "piece" is something that you smoke pot out of. I really have no idea how any of this was legal. Well, I guess it wasn't but seeing as it is so widespread I think the police give up on doing anything about it. Still, despite getting second hand munchies and feeling a bit sick during Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, it was a great experience. I saw Portugal the Man, The Morning Benders, Flaming Lips, Yeasayer, Edward Sharpe, and The National (my favorite). I would recommend it to any music lover.

So that dear readers is why I have been unable to update my blog. While it appears that no one reads this, I did have three separate people tell me today that I needed to write. So here you guys go. An update into my now-not-so-mediocre life.

Now, onto writing a paper over The Circle, an Iranian film!
Until next time...

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