Tuesday, October 5, 2010

new social life + two analytical papers

Yes, it happened. I made friends. It happened sometime last week when half of the Honors LLC (Living Learning Community) was cramming for our test the next day. We were all just sitting in the dorm hallway, talking. Okay, you caught me, hardly any studying was going on at all. But honestly, it was kinda worth it. We trekked over to the library to try to find everyone else in our class and instead decided to stack chairs one on top of the other...We are freshman after all, shouldn't we act like it just a bit?

The thing that was so cool about this night was that I talked to people who I have been living next to, attending a common class with, and seeing every day...but who I've never really gotten to know. We've got all kinds of people in our group. There are athletes and people who love film. People who love The Beatles and people who love Black Sabbath. (This person claims that Black Sabbath is better than The Beatles. Said person was defeated in a debate over this topic and lost horribly). We have a guy who shaves his legs and a guy with a beard. We've got a psychic and and an amazing make-up artist. We have people who are really good at taking care of people who have had a bit too much to drink, and people who are good at staying up all night (by choice). We have people who are funny and people who have a great laugh. We have people who are Muslim, Catholic, Christian, even a self-proclaimed Buddhist....but no Jews. At least I don't think there are any Jews. There are English Literature majors and Art majors and Global Studies and Psychology and a whole lot more. We are quite a crowd.

Basically what this means is that I have friends now. And so even though I have loads of homework which consists of two analytical papers and a billion pages to read, I'd rather hang out with my newfound friends. It's a good feeling to feel at home, and like you've met some people that you have things in common with. Hopefully though I can learn some good old fashioned time management!

I was worried at first that we wouldn't all bond...but I was wrong. For now, things are working out pretty great.
Until next time...


  1. ellie rose- i posted a comment on your first blog entry yesterday, but i don't see it anymore =( don't know what happened. i am so happy you started a blog and i am so very interested in the on-goings of your life, no matter how mundane they seem.

    congrats on becoming a night owl. i perfected the night owl thing, but have yet to figure out how to rise early with a smile.

    and, i knew you would find friends. it just all works out in the end, doesn't it?

    aunt steph

  2. Erm... you're not refering to me as someone who thinks Black Sabbath is better than the beatles?

    Because, honestly, I wouldn't argue that. I'd argue that the Beatles simply had more influence, not who was better (I don't listen to the Beatles. I don't really listen to Black Sabbath, but I do know that Ozzy is a beast).

    Having said that, Black Sabbath are some of the founders of one of the biggest genres of music today (Heavy Metal). Sure its not near as popular as Pop, Rock, or whatever, but its darn good stuff. :D